Cotton Or Nothing

Protesting Mannequins ... only in NYC

Mannequins were fed up with the mystery fabrics clothing manufacturers were substituting for cotton so they decided to protest on a sunny day in New York City. #CottonOrNothing gave everyone the chance to join the movement and protest against itchy, smelly, ill fitting garments. People could submit their photo via webcam, smart phone or upload and have themselves become part of a video that showed them protesting along with the mannequins. It took a multi server, load balanced setup with FFMPEG and fail proof processes to ensure everything ran smoothly from capturing the images to rendering the videos and uploading them to Youtube but the end result was a seamless, integrated process. Add in needing to support HTML5 Canvas for IE8 (something that's not natively supported) and this simple looking site was anything but.


HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, FFMPEG

Cottonornothing Screen 1
Cottonornothing Screen 2
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