Hello there!

My name is Derrick Grigg. I am a web developer with over fifteen years of experience. I work with leading marketing agencies, companies and start-ups to help lead the development of websites and web applications.

I read somewhere that the key to starting a great conversation is to ask questions. Here's some questions with my answers, maybe we can pick up this conversation someday.

What do I do?

Plenty, when motivated, challenged and most importantly, provided with the right opportunities. I have made a career out of exceeding expectations one project at a time. I help turn ideas and concepts into reality. 

I primarily build websites and web apps. My current tools of choice are Craft (for CMS work) and Laravel for custom solutions (Html, Css and Javascript are a given right?). Every project is unique, but not every problem is. I use my experience to navigate development issues, deal with difficult challenges and get demanding projects on time and on budget.

What have I done?

What am I working on?

I'm always tinkering with different digital things. Right now I'm spending a good chunk of my free time working on PageProofer.com. It's an idea that was born out of the frustration of trying to manage feedback during website development. I built it so people could leave notes and feedback directly on the websites they were building instead of flipping back and forth between emails, spreadsheets and project management apps. Not only have I learned more about development through the process, I have been honing my marketing and business skills to push PageProofer along. If you're interested check it out and sign up for a free trial.

What Do I Write About?

Ajax login screen with Laravel 5.3

Laravel is a fantastic framework for development. Unfortunately every once in a while a little "gotcha" pops up that can really cause some problems. One of those "gotchas" is when you are trying to create an ajax based login form (instead of a standard HTML one). There are some odd redirections and response codes that work fine for a typical post - redirect scenario but cause a headache with ajax requests. Thankfully it's a minor tweak to make it work nicely.

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Stop grunting and gulping and just use NPM

I build websites for a living and I am constantly looking for ways to make my life easier. Code snippets, shortcuts, automation ... anything that can save me time and reduce doing the same task multiple times is worth consideration to be included in my typical workflow. One thing that most web developers have added to their tool box is a task runner, a process for automating tasks like minifying javascript or compiling SASS to css. Grunt and Gulp are probably the two most popular task running options right now (but there are many others). I have tried them both and found while useful they felt bloated and cumbersome for what I (and probably most website developers) need which is a quick and easy way to build javascript and css. Enter NPM.

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Simple offline maintenance page for websites with .htaccess

If you need to do some website or web app upgrades that require you to take the site offline you can use .htaccess so visitors are not seeing broken pages and links. This edit works great for any PHP based site, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Drupal, Expression Engine, you name it.

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How do you manage client feedback?

Feedback, it's a blessing and a curse. Every web designer and developer knows that at some point you need to get feedback from your team and your client during website development. The problem is the countless ways that feedback is sent: emails, spreadsheets, text messages, project management software. Once you ask for feedback you spend all of your valuable time trying to manage it instead of doing something useful with it.

"The alternative is email hell or having really shoddy communication. I can trace just about every client problem I've ever had down to poor communication, and any tools or processes in place to counter that are a win in my book."

The problem isn't the feedback, the problem is a lack of good, easy to use tools to leave and manage the feedback.

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How to contact me?

You can contact me via email, connect on Twitter @derrickgrigg, or if you prefer old school communication you can call me @ 905.251.0319.