The 5 W’s … actually just Who and What

Who am I?

I am a professional web developer with over fifteen years of experience. I specialize in working closely with leading advertising and marketing agencies to help lead the development of websites and web applications. Located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada (just north of Toronto), the majority of my work is done from my home office (I love my commute) with clients around North America.

What can I do?

What do you need done? I don’t like to focus on the technologies I know or the things I have done. I prefer to focus on the problems that clients (and potential clients) have and then figure out the solutions to those problems. Technologies change so rapidly it’s not about what you know it’s about how fast you can learn something new and then implement that knowledge. Good developers know specific technology stacks and languages, great developers know how to learn technologies quickly so they can solve problems.

The expertise I offer:
  • Website and web application development
  • Mobile optimized websites
  • Responsive and adaptive websites
  • Social media integration
  • Client side and server side coding and development
  • Application planning, architecture, and development
  • Integration with API’s and existing back end systems

I guess that makes me a “full stack” web developer.

The technology I use:
  • Browser: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • CMS: CraftCMS, Expression Engine, WordPress
  • Servers: .Net, PHP, Ruby
  • Databases: MsSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostreSQL, SQL
  • Frameworks: CodeIgniter, Laravel, Lumen
  • Payment gateways: Chargify, Paypal, Stripe

What have I done?

My career started developing database and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for large multinational corporations. Since 2001 I have been focused on developing web based applications and websites for many well known brands across North America. I have developed solutions for large multinational companies and start-ups in the advertising, automotive, electronics, entertainment, food, logistics, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries.

Visit the Projects page to learn more about some of the work I have done.

What do clients say?

When I hired Derrick for our company’s flagship product, I had no idea how lucky I was to land such a valuable resource. His knowledge of the technology and his results oriented attitude are world class.
Dale @ Instructional Spice
Derrick is an awesome developer who will go over and above the call of duty. He showed the patience of a saint on the Tekken project and was able to switch gears in order to satisfy the client.
Chris @ Sprout
Not all the skills we need can be brought in-house. Sometimes we have to hire contractors. Generally, I view this as a necessary evil. However, in Derrick’s case, it was a great experience. He not only had the knowledge and skills, but understood what we needed and got it done.
Wayne @ Popstar Networks
We hired Derrick on contract to complete a web application project for one of our clients. Timelines were extremely tight, but Derrick was always calm under pressure and came through for us in a huge way. His attention to detail, flawless execution, and depth of knowledge in front- and back-end web development are only a few of many of Derrick’s strengths.
Sam @ The Marketing Store
I consider him to also be a top developer able to take on any task with ease and eloquence in execution. Eager to work with him again.
Lindsey @ AKQA


Where do you work from?
I work primarily from my home office.
Are you available to work on-site?
It depends on where you are located and for how long. For the past few years I have worked almost exclusively from my home office for clients around North America. I am always available for phone calls, video chats, conference calls, etc. If your project has tight deadlines and budgets, would you rather have a consultant wasting time and money traveling to your office to work in a cubicle on your computer, or have them spend 30 seconds walking to their office and getting right to work in an environment they are comfortable with?
How much do you charge?
It depends. What is your budget, your deadline, the technical requirements? Let’s have a conversation to discuss your project.
If you work from home, how do we know you are actually working?
Call my past and current clients. I hit deadlines, I answer all questions, I don’t go running when the pressure goes up.
What hours do you typically work?
I’m in the Eastern Time Zone (same as New York and Boston) and try to work normal business hours. I typically work 9-5, Monday to Friday but when needed I can be online anytime (another advantage of working from home).
You live in Canada but our offices are in the US, how do we hire you?
No problem, it’s just one company doing business with another company, nothing complicated, no weird tax stuff, no hassle. I send you an invoice and you pay (hopefully quickly). If your accounting department really loves paper work I can provide any necessary documents.

How do we contact you?

You can contact me via email, connect on Twitter @derrickgrigg, or if you prefer old school communication you can call me @ 905.251.0319.

coding, coding, coding …