Launching a new venture

January 13, 2013

I'm very excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new service I have been developing, PageProofer. One of the largest frustrations when getting a website (or web app) from concept to reality is dealing with all the various feedback you get while other designers, developers, testers, account people, clients, etc look at and review the site in progress. I decided to tackle this problem with a simple solution, the ability to leave notes and comments directly on a website while it's being viewed.

PageProofer allows you to add a small javascript snippet to the footer of any webpage and then have users that you have setup securely leave notes and comments directly on the website. It's as simple as clicking an icon to reveal the PageProofer overlay and then clicking anywhere on the overlay page to leave a note or add a comment to an existing note. No more keeping track of feedback in spreadsheets, docs, emails, project management tools or any other way people provide it, it's all right on the site, where it belongs, a single click away.

If you are interested, check out PageProofer and register to get notified when it's ready to launch. You can keep tabs on PageProofer via Twitter at @PageProofer.